Recycling in Schools

Many environmental issues are important in today’s world, but one issue, recycling, is so easy that everyone can do it. In fact, even children can help with recycling efforts. Most schools teach about helping the planet, but it is time they start doing their part. Young children are natural helpers and get excited about projects […]

More than a DJ

The music industry has made many different people celebrities. Some people make their way into the business through song. Others make a living with their skills on different instruments. There is a growing trend of celebrity is music that is different from anything that has been seen before. Today the DJ is becoming a celebrity […]

How to Become a DJ

Music is a great tool for providing entertainment at a large event. A party host is often to busy attending to his or her guests to manage a sound system, which is why a dj should be hired to play music. Becoming a dj is hard work and requires a lot of money to be […]

Information on Music

Music has been around for a long time. It is used to entertain us all in many ways. It all depends on the music you are listening to. Most listens to soft and classical music for relaxation purposes. Most listens to upbeat music to keep them energized and inspired. All in all music has been […]

The DJ Isn’t Dead Yet

There have been all kinds of improvements in the way that we listen to music. There has been some form of continuous play from the early stages of CD changers to portable MP3 players of today. It seems as these continuous player devices have caused some event planners to bypass hiring someone to provide the […]

Just scratch it!

Music is worldly, it can stir emotions within anyone. Especially at a party where the dj is spinning and scratching records. Live music is more or less always better. If you are a musician of any kind then you know that performing live is a great thing. Many have music as one of their main […]

Dedication to the Visual Thousand Words

Standing on the basis that a photo expresses a thousand words; photographic journalism, or photojournalism, brings a news story to life for the reader by providing cultural visuals that speak to the topic at hand. The rules to photojournalism are that of a strict ethical basis stating that the photo or photos used in the […]